Sliding Window & Door Sections

Product description of Sliding Window & Door Sections

Sliding windows and doors is a very practical home design. Its charm is that it is like a magician. With its sliding, the interior space is recombined.

Sliding window:

The sliding window is divided into a horizontal and a vertical sliding window. The horizontal sliding window will be provided with rail grooves at the top or bottom of the window sash. The vertical sliding window will be provided with pulley and balance measures.

Sliding door :

The sliding doors are divided into electric, manual, and automatic, as well as metal, glass, or aluminium alloy doors, etc.

Applicable: wardrobe, bookcase, wall cabinet, bedroom, etc

Open Style: Sliding

Opening Pattern: Horizontal

Classification: Left and right, push and pull up and down(sliding window)

Effect: Improve the appearance and increase space

Aluminium Sliding Window Profiles 1Aluminium Sliding Window Profiles 3


1) Simple and beautiful
2) large window width
3) wide vision
4) Increase lighting
5) convenient glass cleaning
6) safe and reliable
7) long use time
8) High-grade slide rail is adopted for flexible use

Aluminium Sliding Window Profiles 4

Alloy 6063-T5; 6063- T6; 6005-T5; 6005-T6; 6061-T5; 6061-T6. etc.
Powder Coated Wall Series >60 um
Anodized Thickness >10um
Production Capacity 60,000 metric tons/Year
Surface treatment Mill Finish; Powder Coating; Anodizing; Wooden Grain; Sanding Blasting; Eletrophonisis; Electrophonisis Extinction, etc.
Standard/Certification ISO-9001; GB5237; CQM

Advantages of Sliding Window & Door Sections

1. Good lighting:

Increase indoor lighting and improve the effectiveness of the house

2. Space separation:

Can play the role of space restriction and separation.

3. Increase space:

It does not occupy indoor space, with a beautiful appearance and good sealing.

4. Convenient use:

The pulley is used to slide on the window frame/door frame, convenient opening and closing.

5. High-cost performance

Install sliding doors to separate the parlor from the balcony, which can block dust and protect privacy.

6. Rich visual effects

The design of the sliding door is conducive to air, keeping the indoor air fresh and conducive to health.