Casement Window & Door Sections

Product description of Casement Window & Door Sections

The open and close of the window move in a certain horizontal direction, so it is called a”casement window“.

Opening mode

Folding sliding window

Opened in one plane,it takes up less space,and it is convenient to install screen windows.

Upper hung window

The window can be opened from below.The opened part is suspended in the air and connected and fixed with the window

frame through hinges. So,it can not only ventilate but also ensure safety.Because there are hinges,the window can only open a 10 cm seam.

Surface treatment

1.anodic oxidation

It has a good insulation effect and can prevent breakdown voltage greater than 30V/ μ m. High-temperature resistance, high temperature of 1500 ℃.

electrostatic coating

The advanced RO circulation system, and reduces environmental pollution.

3.powder spraying

The advantages are impact/abrasion resistance,and can be stored for a long time.

Characterized :

  • simple structure
  • flexible opening
  • easy cleaning
  • good sealing performance when closed

Packaging: protective film, composite kraft paper, shrink film, plastic interlayer


Aluminium Casement Window Profile 4Aluminium Casement Window Profile 3


Aluminium Casement Window Profile 1

Alloy 6063-T5; 6063- T6; 6005-T5; 6005-T6; 6061-T5; 6061-T6. etc.
Powder Coated Wall Series >60 um
Anodized Thickness >10um
Production Capacity 60,000 metric tons/Year
Surface treatment Mill Finish; Powder Coating; Anodizing; Wooden Grain; Sanding Blasting; Eletrophonisis; Electrophonisis Extinction, etc.
Standard/Certification ISO-9001; GB5237; CQM

Advantages of Casement Window & Door Sections

1. Facilitate ventilation:

There is incoming and outgoing air that can be circulated to increase the air exchange.

2. Safety:

When the handle is closed,it will be fixed on the window frame and
anti-theft performance.

3. Easy to clean:

The operation is simple, it can turn the window sash making it convenient
and safe to clean.

4. Practicality:

Avoid the occupation of indoor space when the internal window is opened.

5. Good sealing performance

The casement window is simple in structure, with good air tightness when closed.

6. Good lighting:

It is within the front area of the opening fan,that the sun will pass through the opening seam.

7. Strong :

The profile thickness of casement win will all be at least 1.4mm, and the general thickness is 1.4-2.0mm.

8. Durable:

The material is thick, solid and durable, with a service life of more than 25 years.