Curtain Wall Series

Product description of Curtain Wall Series

The curtain wall with a decorative effect is used in modern large and high-rise buildings.It can combine different glass types, aluminium panels, and other materials.

Material: Aluminium alloy

Usage: building curtain wall, unit curtain wall, glass curtain wall, etc.

Mosaic plate: glass curtain wall, metal plate curtain wall,
nonmetal plate (except glass) curtain wall

Components: frame type (component type) curtain wall, unit type curtain wall

Performance: water/air tightness,seismic resistance,sound insulation,lightning protection,fire protection,environmental protection,aesthetics and decoration,energy saving

Packing: protective film, shrink film, kraft paper

Curtain Wall 3 Curtain Wall 1


1) It is an independent and complete structural system;
2) It is used on the outside of the main structure, and is generally wrapped on the surface of the main structure;
3) The curtain wall has a certain fretting capacity in the plane relative to the main structure.

Surface treatment

1. anodic oxidation
It has a good insulation effect and can prevent breakdown voltage greater than 30V/ μ m.High-temperature resistance, high temperature of 1500 ℃.

2. electrostatic coating
The advanced RO circulation system, and reduces environmental pollution.

3. powder spraying
The advantages are impact/abrasion resistance,and can be stored for a long time.

Advantages of Curtain Wall Series

1. Lightweight

The use of curtain walls can reduce the weight of buildings, and reduce the cost

2. Flexible design

It can present different colors, and integrate with the environment, lighting, and nature.

3. Strong seismic resistance

For high building, a strong wind and earthquake resistance is the best choice

4. Systematic construction

It is easier to control the construction period and takes less time.

5. Modernization

It can improve the novelty and technology of the building.

6. Easy maintenance

As it is built in the peripheral structure of the building, it is convenient to repair or update it.

7. High-cost performance

Corrosion resistance can make the building’s external surface long-lasting.