T-slot aluminum profile

Product description of T-slot aluminum profile

T-slot aluminum is a material that offers high durability, the largest versatility, and a reasonable cost for custom structures and frames like these.

Grade:6000; 6063;

Application: aluminum profile for industry

Processing Service: Welding, Punching, Cutting

Packingprotective film, shrink film, kraft paper

Connecting T-slot

You can connect them end to end, along with the profile face or at corners. This can be accomplished using central connectors, brackets, 45-degree connectors, and joining plates.

Product Application

Building & Construction, Industry, Machinery, Transportation,
Electrical & Energy, Structure Framing, etc.

Surface treatment

anodic oxidation

It has a good insulation effect and can prevent breakdown voltage greater than 30V/ μ m. High-temperature resistance, high temperature of 1500 ℃.


The advanced RO circulation system, and reduces environmental pollution.

powder spraying

The advantages are impact/abrasion resistance, and can be stored for a long time.

Advantages of T-slot aluminum profile

Compared with other building materials such as steel, our aluminium T-slot has more advantages:

1. Durable

Our company’s aluminium is a lightweight material, which weighs about one-third of that of steel. When customers need to make strong and durable lightweight projects, T-Slot aluminium is a good choice.

2. Not easy to corrode

aluminium is a simple compound that does not react with water or moisture in the air.Customers want to consider the quality of products while saving costs. They can choose to use a T-groove aluminium profile, which is cheaper, stronger, and corrosion-resistant than steel

3. High cost performance

The T-shaped groove is designed to create a solid, universal, light, solid and cost-effective frame and structure, which can be used by customers with confidence

4. Green

aluminium is a 100% recyclable compound, which is much better for the environment than steel。

5. Extrusions modular

By extending them through accessories that fit into the t-slot, they can be used for many applications.