Aluminium H & U Shapes and flat bar

Product description of Aluminium H & U Shapes and flat bar

It is formed by continuous rolling or cold bending. The installation structure is a special keel snap-type structure. The installation of the ordinary strip-shaped gusset plate is simple and convenient. It is suitable for indoor decoration

The hardness and straightness are far higher than those of other products.

It is easy to install and easy to maintain.


It is used in public places with a large number of concealed works and a dense flow of people. It is convenient for air circulation, exhaust, and heat dissipation.

It can make the light distribution and make the whole space spacious and bright. It is used in subways, high-speed railway stations, stations, airports, large shopping malls, passages, leisure places, public toilets, hotels, school restaurants, building exterior walls, and other open places.

Different heights and spacing can be selected when installing different aluminium square tubes,and add different color combinations that can be designed for different decorative effects.

Aluminium U-Channel

Cheetah aluminium International Co.,Ltd wholesale sales specifications of aluminium U channel non-standard sizes and specifications can be customized by opening molds. It has the advantages of short delivery time and small starting quantity. It can provide anodized angular aluminium and other related processing products.

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Alloy 6063-T5; 6063- T6; 6005-T5; 6005-T6; 6061-T5; 6061-T6. etc.
Powder Coated Wall Series >60 um
Anodized Thickness >10um
Production Capacity 60,000 metric tons/Year
Surface treatment Mill Finish; Powder Coating; Anodizing; Wooden Grain; Sanding Blasting; Eletrophonisis; Electrophonisis Extinction, etc.
Standard/Certification ISO-9001; GB5237; CQM

Advantages of Aluminium H & U Shapes and flat bar

1) colorful and customizable

2) lightweight, water resistance,

3) no dust absorption, corrosion resistance

4) easy scrubbing and installation,

5) the specification and size can be customized to meet various needs

6) the color of the wood grain is novel,close to the natural and simple atmosphere

7) the vision is open, which is conducive to exhaust and heat dissipation and has strong wind resistance

8) the height and spacing can be adjusted to enrich the sense of spatial hierarchy

9) it can be matched with central air conditioning, lighting, sprinkler, and other facilities to make effective use of space

10) can be completely recycled, safe, friendly, pollution-free, and long service life