Aluminum Tube & Angle

Product description of Aluminum Tube & Angle

Aluminium Tube introduce

aluminium tube is a kind of nonferrous metal tube, which is made of pure aluminium or aluminium alloy.

By extrusion form a hollow metal tubular material along its longitudinal length.


1) By shape: square tube, round tube,and universal aluminium tube, etc.
2) By extrusion: seamless aluminium tube and ordinary extruded tube.
3) By precision: ordinary aluminium tube and precision aluminium tube.
4) By thickness: ordinary aluminium tube and thin-wall aluminium tube.

Performance: corrosion resistance, light weight

Surface Treatment:

Chemical treatment: oxidation, electrostatic coating, fluorocarbon spraying, powder spraying, wood grain transfer printing

Mechanical treatment: mechanical wire drawing, mechanical polishing
and sandblasting


aluminium tubes are used in all walks of life, such as automobiles, ships, electrical,agriculture,household, etc.

Aluminium tubes have been everywhere in our life.

Our company aluminium has an aluminium profile has good casting performance.We can provide aluminium profiles processed to your needs.

Aluminium C-Channel

Aluminium angle introduce

Aluminium Angle is an industrial aluminium profile with a vertical angle of 90 °.

It is a kind of aluminium profile, which is a long strip of aluminium with both sides perpendicular to each other.

It can be divided into equal angle aluminium and equal angle aluminium according to the proportion of side length. The two sides of aluminium with equal corners are equal in width.

Applications: It is mainly used in construction, machinery manufacturing, hardware processing and other industries, anywhere where it is important to improve the structure’s rigidity.

In addition to shapes, our aluminium corners are made of different aluminium alloys and can have different heat treatment finishes.

Processing: angle aluminium belongs to a category of industrial aluminium profiles, and also belongs to extrusion processing. Generally, angle aluminium is in T5 or T6 state, and its hardness will be greatly improved after heat treatment. It is mainly used in construction, machinery manufacturing, hardware processing and other industries.

Cheetah aluminium International Co.,Ltd wholesale sales specifications of angular aluminium, non-standard sizes and specifications can be customized by opening molds. It has the advantages of short delivery time and small starting quantity. It can provide anodized angular aluminium and other related processing products.

Alloy 6063-T5; 6063- T6; 6005-T5; 6005-T6; 6061-T5; 6061-T6. etc.
Powder Coated Wall Series >60 um
Anodized Thickness >10um
Production Capacity 60,000 metric tons/Year
Surface treatment Mill Finish; Powder Coating; Anodizing; Wooden Grain; Sanding Blasting; Eletrophonisis; Electrophonisis Extinction, etc.
Standard/Certification ISO-9001; GB5237; CQM

Advantages of Aluminum Tube & Angle

Aluminium tube advantages

1. Our company aluminium has good conductivity and waterproof

2. The inner wall of copper aluminium connecting pipe will not
be corroded,and the service life is long

3. Connecting pipeline between indoor unit and outdoor unit of air,
the better the heat insulation effect, the more power saving

4. Excellent bending performance, easy installation ,and relocation

5. Corrosion resistance, not easy to oxidize.

6. Good welding performance, suitable for different assembly tools

7. Can also be machined for equipment accessories and other products

Aluminium angle advantages

1.Light Weight

It’s about a third of the weight of steel, which makes it easier and cheaper to transport than most other metals. The strength of aluminium can be adapted to provide better benefits including

2. Hidden chips

Aluminium angle can be used to hide chips and gaps. The aluminium angle will increase the length, height, and width of the object, making it suitable for products that are polished and removed.

3. Corrosion resistance

Aluminium is a corrosion-resistant metal, which naturally produces protective coatings. If the surface treatment uses painting or anodizing, the corrosion resistance can be further improved.

4. Reflectivity and Ductility

Another benefit of Aluminium is that it serves as a good reflector. It is used in rescue blankets and light fittings because of its ability to reflect both light and heat.

Purpose of Aluminium angle

1. Hidden gap

For example, during processing, the edges of wood and some plastics may break or become uneven and lose aesthetic feeling. At this time, you can install aluminium angle steel to cover the edge of the notch and make it complete.

2. Decorate border

It will not rust and is easy to clean. Even in decorative use, the aluminium angle steel can provide an impressive level of protection.

3. Grinding rods

Because aluminium does not generate sparks, aluminium corners can be used to make grinding rods, which can not only grind safely, but also protect the material.

Product Details of Aluminum Tube & Angle

Specification of Aluminium Square Tube
Item Length(mm) Thickness(mm) Weight(kg/m)
ST-01 25 0.6 0.161
ST-02 25 1.0 0.26
ST-03 25 1.2 0.312
ST-04 25 2.5 0.65
ST-05 31.4 0.7 0.231
ST-06 38 0.8 0.34
ST-07 38 1.0 0.405
ST-08 44.5 0.8 0.334
ST-09 50 1.0 0.792
ST-10 100 1.2 1.289
ST-11 100 2.0 2.148


Specification of Aluminium Rectangular Tube
Item Length(mm) Height(mm) Thickness(mm) Weight(kg/m)
TT-01 25 10 1.0 0.272
TT-02 28 12 0.8 0.167
TT-03 32 25 0.8 0.242
TT-04 38 25 1.0 0.338
TT-05 38 25 1.2 0.405
TT-06 50 20 0.8 0.298
TT-07 50 25 0.8 0.320
TT-08 50 25 1.0 0.400
TT-09 57 23 0.8 0.342
TT-10 76 20 0.7 0.360
TT-11 76 25 1.0 0.537
TT-12 76 25 1.2 0.645
TT-13 76 44 1.0 0.644
TT-14 76 44 1.2 0.772
TT-15 76 44 1.5 0.966
TT-16 76 44 2.0 1.280
TT-17 80 25 1.0 0.560
TT-18 80 25 1.2 0.672
TT-19 80 44 1.2 0.795
TT-20 82.5 25 0.9 0.517
TT-21 82.5 44 0.9 0.610
TT-22 86 25 1.2 0.709
TT-23 86 44 1.2 0.833
TT-24 87 20 0.8 0.459
TT-25 96 23 1.2 0.762
TT-26 100 44 1.2 0.917


Specification of Aluminium Round Tube
Item Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Weight (kg/m)
RT-01 9.5 0.6 0.06
RT-02 12.5 0.6 0.07
RT-03 16 1.0 0.13
RT-04 17 1.0 0.137
RT-05 18.5 0.8 0.12
RT-06 19 1.0 0.182
RT-07 25 0.8 0.165