Aluminum closet & buckle plate

cheetah Alminium Buckle Plate 1

Product description of Aluminum closet & buckle plate

aluminium closet and buckle plate are formed by corner-cutting based on an aluminium plywood.


Outdoor curtain wall decoration, indoor high-end home decoration, advertising decoration, etc,.

Installation scheme

1. Follow the survey construction drawing and construction

2. Install corners and find parallel lines

3. Installation of the keel

4. Laying aluminium gusset plate

5. Cleaning after installation

Surface treatment

1. Coating process: a layer of PVC film with a thickness of 18-25c is cast on the aluminium at a high temperature

2. Roll coating process: roll coating a layer of polymer coating on the surface, which is durable

3. Rolling : another kind of printing is based on the original, making its color more colorful.

4. Grinding process: wire drawing on aluminium substrate, and then manufacturing and polishing process

Selection skills

1. See the thickness.

Up to 0.6 mm.

2. Select the process.

Surface treatment is critical, the coated board is a layer of PVC film, which has the advantages of firm surface adhesion.

3. Pick the material.

aluminium magnesium alloy not only has good oxidation resistance  but also has strong acid and alkali resistance. It is the best material for long-term use in kitchens and bathrooms.

(Note: buckle plate is not that the thicker the better)

Advantages of Aluminum closet & buckle plate

1. Excellent coating performance.

The useful life is more than 20 years, and the maintenance is convenient. Washing with water will be as clean as new.

2. Strong composite fastness.

After 2 hours of the boiling test, the bonding layer of the high-quality aluminium gusset plate is not damaged.

3. Excellent processing performance.

Common wood and metal processing tools can be used for cutting, sawing, milling, punching, and bending.

4. Good temperature adaptability.

Generally, it can be used under large temperature changes without being affected.

5. Light weight and high strength.

The average weight of each plate is about 8.5 kg. Under the same stiffness, the weight is lighter than other materials.

6. Shockproof.

aluminium plastic plate has the dual characteristics of metal and plastic.

7. Safety.

The surface combustion characteristics meet the fire resistance requirements of building regulations.

8. Colorful.

aluminium gusset plate has various colors, which can be combined and matched.

9. Convenience.

It has a flat surface, clear edges and lines, and is easy to assemble and disassemble. Each plate can be disassembled for construction and maintenance.