Rolling Gate Sections

Aluminium Rolling gate profiles

Product description of Aluminium Rolling gate sections

Rolling gate is a type of slide gate. They are used for chain link fences. These gates slide parallel with the fence line using a track and wheel system. Gate frames are welded and depending on the size may also be braced and trussed.

The main material of the roller gate is aluminium, and the roller gate is made of cast aluminium with a display and anti-collision device structure

The roller gate made of aluminium material has good sealing performance,and can be windproof, dustproof, heat preservation and corrosion resistant.

You can use aluminum profiles for a long time with a high-cost performance that is easy to operate, safe and reliable.

Rolling gate sections


  • Rolling gates are most often used in driveways. These gates provide security and easy access for driveway entry. They can be designed as a garage door opener, making entry into the driveway convenient.


  • Large dams also use rolling gates to open and close dam valves,

making it easier to open and close water gates with heavy water pressure. These are through computer systems to be opened and closed.

Cheetah aluminium International Co., Ltd. selects high-quality aluminium alloy materials to make the roller gate. The products are machined, easy to install, have good sealing performance, with good strength and bearing capacity etc., It is your best choice.

We can also provide processing of other aluminium materials

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Alloy 6063-T5; 6063- T6; 6005-T5; 6005-T6; 6061-T5; 6061-T6. etc.
Powder Coated Wall Series >60 um
Anodized Thickness >10um
Production Capacity 60,000 metric tons/Year
Surface treatment Mill Finish; Powder Coating; Anodizing; Wooden Grain; Sanding Blasting; Eletrophonisis; Electrophonisis Extinction, etc.
Standard/Certification ISO-9001; GB5237; CQM

Advantages of Aluminium Rolling gate sections

1. it use less space than typical swing-type gates

2. it is cheaper than V-track gates and cantilever gates.

3. it is simple and incorporates many fittings that bolt together making

4. Repairs and adjustments are done with household tools.

How to install Aluminium Rolling gate sections

Step 1: Choose

Depending on the space consider whether you’ll be using single, double, or sliding gates.

Step 2: Inspect

To prevent corrosion you need to adjust your gate posts based on the soil type.

Step 3: Measurement

Measure the distance between the gate posts.

Step 4: Flatten

It is beneath your main gate, you can use a shovel or rake to flatten

Step 5: Digging

You must ensure that there is enough space to dig the post holes

Step 6: Adjust

Adjustable hinges can be used if the post is moving.

Step 7: Maintain

After installing your gate, make sure you maintain it to ensure it lasts.

You can clean your gate by washing it and removing any weeds.