Aluminium profiles for solar panel

Product description of Aluminium profiles for solar panel

The solar cell is a new type of power supply, which has three advantages: permanence, cleanness, and flexibility.

The solar cell has a long service life. As long as the sun exists, the solar cell can be used for a long time.

Compared with thermal power and nuclear power generation, solar cells will not cause environmental pollution.

For solar energy, industrial aluminium profiles are the best choice. The most important thing is that they are light in weight, beautiful in appearance, and tally with customer needs.

Solar aluminium 2

Cleaning and maintenance

1. Wipe the surface of the test bench with a dry cloth to make the screen display clear and the writing clear

2. Unused accessories will be stored in the designated location

3. Cover the test bench with plastic bags when you are no use for a long time

4. Check whether the instrument is normal.

5. Check whether the battery board is damaged, and timely find and replace it.

6. Check whether the connecting wire and ground wire of the battery board are in good contact and whether they fall off.

7. Check whether the junction box is heated.

8. Check whether the battery board bracket is loose or broken.

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Advantages of Aluminium profiles for solar panel

1. Light

The density of aluminium alloy is less than one-third of that of stainless steel.Thus, considering the cost, aluminium alloy is cost-effective. Besides, aluminium alloy is light and convenient for transportation and installation.

2. Corrosion resistance

After anodizing, a layer of the dense oxide film is formed on the surface of the aluminium profile, which is more corrosion-resistant. Even if the surface is scratched, it will not oxidize and will not affect the performance.

3. Strong strength and firmness.

Generally, the hardness of aluminium profile is 8-12hw. The aluminium alloy produced by our company meets the standard and the hardness can be higher

4. High-cost performance

It has high elasticity and rigidity and is not easy to deform, which can well protect the solar panel.

5. Long service life

The service life of aluminium alloy is generally more than 30-50 years. The service life of the battery board is 20-25 years, so it can meet the use requirements.

6. Green

The aluminium profile is a recyclable metal material that can increase the use rate of renewable energy